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04 December 2009 @ 12:15 pm
The Wonders of Technology (3/7)  
Title: The Wonders Of Technology
Chapter Title: Cellphone
No. of Words: 1,016 (Woah!)
Pairing/s: SDM (as in my rl friends..) x HS7 and other J.E. ..
Genre: Romance, Fluff
Summary: The cellphone. The digicam. The laptop. The Nintendo DS. The PSP. How can these forms of technology bring together 7 normal teenagers and 7 pint-sized superstars? Let`s find out.

Another peaceful day was broken at Kitagawa Academy. And it was all Kiru's fault.

"It`s never gonna stop,ne,"Akira sighed hopelessly, resting her head on Rin as they walked together to 2-C. Kin nodded in agreement.

"Anyway, since when did he hang out with us?"

"BAKA! THAT`S TOTALLY CHANGING THE SUBJECT!" Kiru yelled at Taiga. He sighed calmly, and grabbed her wrist, making her stop, and making, Rin, Akira and Kin stop behind them.

"I already told you, didn't I? I like you,"he smiled. Kiru groaned.

"I was asking where you found it, idiot! Now let go-- Oh,hi, Reiya! Any news on Rin's laptop yet?"

Taiga was again defeated, and let go of Kiru's wrist. It's been like that for the past three days. And for the past three days, the laptop was still out of sight. Rin's eyes had been crying herself to sleep.

- - -

Location: The Boys' Dorm Hallways

Kiru hummed as she walked inside the dorm, desperate to find the metallic blue laptop that was lost. But she went into Kin's dorm room first, which he selfishly kept to himself.

"Kin-chan!" she singsonged, skipping merrily into the room. Kin's room was simple, and minimalistic, the main colors being gray and black. Kin turned his head, and pushed up his eyeglasses to his nose.

"Doushite?" he asked nonchalantly. He continued to read Stephenie Meyer's Breaking Dawn. Kiru pouted. "Today is a weekend. Does it make any relevance to you?"

"It makes relevance to me that we still have to look for Rin's laptop,"Kiru grinned proudly.


"Thank you, now come on!"

She grabbed her arm and dashed out of the dorm room. Kin managed to bring his book with him while Kiru continued to drag him excitedly.

Kiru suddenly stopped, her eyes wide open, as though she saw something not meant for a 12-year-old like her. She immediately closed her eyes, because before her, were Kento Nakajima, Hokuto Matsumura and Keito Okamoto, wearing only towels carefully wrapped around their waists. They stared at her.

"Just because this is a boys' dorm doesn't mean you have to walk around wearing only that!" Kiru mumbled. Kin was laughing behind her, on the floor. The three idols were laughing with him. Kiru turned tomato red.

- - -

Location: Kiru, Akira and Rin's Dorm Room

Aki was lying on her stomach comfortably on top of the double decker bed, looking at Ai and Rin, while watching what was going on the plasma screen tv that sat beside Rin's bedside table.

"Yup, Rin-chan! There've been students tellin' me they've seen it or something,"Ai said cheerfully. Aki fell down the double decker bed, luckily landing on the soft burgundy carpet. "Hm?"

"Ch-chinen-kun is on TV!" she stammered.

"'-kun'?" Rin and Ai said together, both skeptical. Aki blushed furiously.

- - -

Location: The School Lawn

Another stampede of fangirls came roaring 'round the campus as Akira sat under a shady tree doing some homework. This time, they were going crazy over Ryutaro Morimoto.

'Poor kid',she thought. A shadow was cast upon her, and she looked up to see who was blocking her source of light. Surprisingly, Yuto Nakajima was staring at what she had been writing. He grinned. Akira gasped, and hurriedly stood up. Yuto caught her sleeve.

Not knowing what to do, she covered her face with the notebook she was holding. Yuto raised his eyebrow.

"What are you doing?" he asked, not letting go.

"Don't talk. Fangirls will kill me. Now let go,"Akira said nervously. Yuto chuckled. He found her nervousness amusing, and laughed even. "Stop it.. this is so embarrassing."

"Sorry!"he said. "You're not a fangirl huh."

Akira shook her head. "My friend is.. but she's not obsessive either."

Yuto chuckled again.

"You're an SDM member aren't you?"

She nodded once.

"Hmm.. your SDM name is Jowwdoll. What's with that? So lame.."

Akira glared at him and hit his head with her notebook. The thud was loud enough for every fangirl's hearing senses to hear that their beloved Yuto was being "attacked". And soon enough, what seemed to be a slight earthquake could be felt.

"Uh.. Nakajima-san--"

"Akira-san aren't you used to Japan yet?"

"No,uh, look behind you!"

A stampede of enraged fangirls came running after them.


- - -

Location: The Lunch Hall, 12:03 pm

"I`m supposed to believe that your laptop just magically appeared back in your dorm room?" Kin a
sked suspiciously.

"I don't know how it happened, but it did~ Right Akira-chan!" Rin said.


- - -

The other side

"You saw Uekusa-san go to those girls' dorm room, then you took the note that was attached to the laptop?" Kaede asked her friend, Airi. "That's evil."

"Yeah, I know right!" Airi said proudly. Her clenched hand contained a crumpled piece of paper.

Because the note had said: Meet me at the rooftop.

- - -

Location: The rooftop

"Uekusa, are you sure she's coming?" Ryosuke Yamada asked him. Taiga was off somewhere arguing with Kiru, so Yuta asked him to come along instead. "Are you even sure she saw the note?"

Uekusa sighed calmly."She's not blind."

"Maybe someone evil took it before she saw it."

"Her friends are not deceitful."

"Maybe it wasn't her friends."

"Rin-san has no enemies."

Ryosuke groaned loudly.

"Suit yourself. I`m going back to the dorm," he yawned, going down the staircase.

Uekusa still considered the fact that she might not come, but he was hopeful. He sighed once more.

Footsteps can be heard now. He groaned. "Ryosuke, I thought you were going back to--"

He stopped. Rin was standing there, by the exit staring at him.

"What are you doing here?" she asked him.

"Well, I was waiting for you~!"


Yuta's face fell.

"You didn't see my note, did you?"

Rin tilted her head sideways, confused. "Oh. Were you the one who left my laptop at the dorm?"

- - -

Location: Kitagawa Academy Supplies Store

"Uh.. Ai-chan, have you seen my digital camera? You know, the black Sony cybershot?"

"Lemme guess, you lost it?"

- - -

A/N: It for now!