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04 December 2009 @ 12:19 pm
The Wonders of Technology (4/7)  
Title: The Wonders Of Technology
Chapter Title: Nintendo DS Lite
No. of Words: 1,036
Pairing/s: SDM (as in my rl friends..) x HS7 and other J.E. ..
Genre: Romance, Fluff
Summary: The cellphone. The digicam. The laptop. The Nintendo DS. The PSP. How can these forms of technology bring together 7 normal teenagers and 7 pint-sized superstars? Let`s find out.

"People keep losing things recently, don't they?!" and enraged Ai told Kin at the lunch hall the next day. Kiru was off somewhere still arguing with Taiga, while Reiya, Aki, Akira and Rin were busy looking for the camera. "Kin-chan if you're gonna lose something I'm really gonna kill you!"

Kin almost choked on his Spam musubi.

"What'd I do??!"

- - -

Location: Biology Lab

"Potato-chan! Have you seen the camera yet?" Kiru asked Aki, popping out of nowhere and into the Biology Lab where Aki and Rin were looking.

"BAKA! Stop doing that!" Rin scowled.

Kiru laughed. "Gomen! So, have you seen it yet?"

Rin and Aki shook their heads and continued scanning through the flasks and bottles and cylinders on the shelves of the Biology Lab. Kiru shrugged her shoulders and helped them look.

Over Aki's shoulder, she saw someone pass by the green hedges and scurry away. She recognized the shaggy hair and golden highlights.

It was Airi Yamamoto.

- - -

Location: Boys' Dorm Room 059

"Yama-chan, since when did you acquire such a fancy camera?" Keito asked curiously as Yamada twirled the black Sony Cybershot by its gray strap playfully.

Yamada grinned. "Since when did you acquire a fetish for walking around the dorm naked?"

"I was not naked."

"Half-naked, then."

"There was a towel around me."

"And there was also Saizawa-san standing in front of you, Hokku, and NakaKen, her eyes tightly shut with Kin rolling on the floor laughing behind her,"Yamada smirked, turning on the camera. Keito turned.

"True, but it's not a fetish,"Keito reasoned out, leaning on the gray walls of the dorm(he, Yuto and Ryosuke shared the room). Yamada chuckled.

Yuto opened the door and smiled cheesily to himself. Even though his hair was a tornado, and his once-white uniform was now covered in splotches of mud, he greeted Ryosuke and Keito in an unusual expression he had never shown anyone before.

"Dude, you okay?" Ryosuke asked him, now going on to the next picture in the camera. He laughed.

"No.. I`m more than okay~" Yuto said, giggling like a little girl. Keito had his eyebrow raised suspiciously.

An awkward silence came upon them, except for the beeps that Yamada made for looking at every picture taken with the black Cybershot he held in his palm. Yuto snapped out of it.

"Yama-chan, since when did you get such a fancy camera?"

- - -

Location: School Gym, 6:47 pm

"Ugh, still no sign of it!" Akira groaned.

"hey, at least there aren't any fangirls galring dangerously at you now," Ai said. The seven of them slumped into a bench by the large gymnasium and sighed together. Kiru's phone beeped. She answered the caller "moshi-moshi" in quite an annoyed tone.

They already knew who it was.

"BAKAAAAA!! IT'S NOT MY FAULT RIN CAN BE SO--" she turned to the dumbfounded Harada Rin staring at her."-- dense. We're all the same right?" she whispered carefully. "It's also not my fault Uekusa has such bad timing."

- - -

Location: Gymnasium Bleachers.

"Who are you watching?" Yamada asked Reiya, who was watching the basketball team earnestly. She winced at the sight of him and stood up hurriedly. "I guess you don't want this back?"

Yamada held up the black Cybershot and smirked. Reiya glared at him.

"Oh, gimme that!"

"Wait!" he said. He turned it on, and took a picture of himself. "Don't you dare erase this."

Reiya blinked. "Who the heck are you to tell me that?!"

"I`m Ryosuke Yamada, duhhh!" Yamada stuck out his tongue. Reiya chuckled.

"Whatever,"she muttered, and left.

"You're not deleting it are you?!" Ryosuke called out, grinning widely.

"Maybe," Reiya whispered to herself, smirking.

- - -

Location: Taiga and Yuta`s Dorm Room, 113

"BAKA! Just because you're.. you're.." Taiga said as Kiru plopped herself onto the the black sofa playing with Akira's Nintento DS. "Ah~ I give up."

Kiru smiled, knowing she'd won again. Uekusa was out, and he was the reason why she even came there.

"Do you already know that Yamamoto-san was the one who took the note on Rin-chan's laptop..?" Kiru said, her eyes still glued to the NDS's screen. Taiga stared at her.

"USO..??! You mean.. Yamamoto Airi??!" Kiru glared at him, pausing the game and turning off the NDS completely. "Nononono.. it's just that.. she looks COMPLETELY innocent, ya know??!"

"Are you implying something, Taiga?"

- - -

Location: The Playground. Now, me has no idea why the principal had a playground built to a HIGH SCHOOL.

"Kiru-chan was right about you being waaaay to hyper when you've eaten Pocky or something," Yuta groaned. Rin smiled at him, and he smiled back. He sat down on the swing beside her. She sighed.

"How come I didn`t see your note anyway.."

"I have no idea!" Yuta blurted out. Rin pouted. "But I think Kaneko-san.. and Harada-san and Saizawa-san know."

"And how do you know that they know?"

"I saw Kiru-san go into Taiga's room a while ago.."

- - -

Location: Kiru, Akira and Rin`s dorm: 069

"KIRUUU! Where the hell did you put my NDS?!" Akira roared like she'd never roared before, with flaming red eyes shooting imaginary flames at Kiru. Kiru whimpered on top of the double-decker bed, one of her legs dangling from above. Annoyed, Akira tugged it.

Rin was sitting idly on the soft carpet, typing stuff on her new weblog and recently returned laptop. She smiled to herself as Akira and Kiru continued to bicker in the background. It seemed to have greatly amused her as much as seeing Kiru eat corned beef.

"GOMENGOMENGOMEN! I swear, Akira-chan! I put it on top of the desktop computer monitor and went to the vending machine to buy ramen-- ow! Stop doing that!" she howled as Akira tugged her leg once more.

Rin let out a bit of a girlish giggle the two other girls in the room had never heard before.

"What?" she said innocently, chuckling.

"No.. it`s just that.. have you been seeing Uekusa-kun recently?"

"Hey, you`ve been seeing Kyomoto-san recently,too. And inside their dorm room..,"Rin retorted. Kiru turned pink, and pulled back her now-red-from-being-pulled-too-much leg into the upper deck of their bed.

- - -