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04 December 2009 @ 11:39 am
The Wonders of Technology (1/7)  
Title: The Wonders Of Technology
Chapter Title: Cellphone
No. of Words: 885
Pairing/s: SDM (as in my rl friends..) x HS7 and other J.E. ..
Genre: Romance, Fluff
Summary: The cellphone. The digicam. The laptop. The Nintendo DS. The PSP. How can these forms of technology bring together 7 normal teenagers and 7 pint-sized superstars? Let`s find out.
A/N: Re-posted. I`ve decided not to finish the last chapter of this fic unless Akira and Ai make up. Thankssss XD

"Wake up, Potato-chan!" Kiru screamed on top of her lungs, waking up everyone in the whole dorm. Ai, Aki and Reiya had no idea how she managed to get into their dorm room, when she was grouped with Akira and Rin.

"Baka, what are you doing?!" Ai said, throwing Kiru a pillow and pulled over her covers to the other side of the bed.

"Yeah, you're even early today," Aki yawned and stood up.

"Nothing special.. it`s not wrong if I make an effort to not be late today, isn`t it?" Kiru said, and tossed the pillow into the computer chair a few steps away from where she stood. "Now you three get up, I`m gonna go wake up Kin-chan in the boys' dorm.." she said, and skipped away.

Reiya sighed. "Uh.. you don't know why she's early do you?"

Ai and Aki looked at each other.

"BAKA-tachi TODAY IS SDM`S 6TH MONTHSARY!" Reiya said.

"I know.. it just seems weird, doesn't it? I mean.. is there some kind of other reason? She doesn't wake up early even for stuff like this. Usually," aki said, scratching her head.

"Ah.. i don't wanna think about it.. I`mma go take a bath first,"Reiya yawned and head for the bathroom.

- - -

"Oh? You're already awake, Kin-chan!" Kiru said cheerfully as she reached the entrance to the boys' dorm room. "Well, let`s go. Akira-chan and Rin-chan are already in school," she said, and grabbed Kin's arm, dragging him to the school enrance. "Ah.. they're doing it again."

A stampede roaring fangirls ran past them, running towards a couple of good-looking guys also known as Yuto Nakajima and Ryosuke Yamada. Kin and Kiru sighed together and continued to walk towards their classrooms.

It was the same as always there in Kitagawa Academy. The junior and senior high school departments were located in the same campus, making it easier for more fangirls from noth levels to squee and squeal and squirm and make a stampede every time they spot a Johnny's Entertainment talent who dwells in the school grounds. It was always like that.

"I've always wondered why Kiru-chan never joins those stampedes,"Kin said as he took his seat beside Kiru. Rin and Akira joined them.

"Yeah Kiru. Why don`t you?" Rin asked as she sat down.

"I`m only being realistic, and I don`t wanna die young in those annoying and not to mention humiliating stampedes," Kiru sighed. "Hm. Happy 6th monthsary, minna!"

"Un! It`s 6th monthsary dayo ne. I know! Let`s go to Roppongi and go clubbing~" Akira singsonged. "Let's tell the others during break, it sucks without them."

The other three nodded in agreement.

- - -

The other side:

"You know what, there's this seven-member group in school--" Chinen started.

"Oh, you mean SDM?" Ryutaro cut off.

"Yeah, that group!" Chinen said excitedly.

"Ah.. they're all second years right?" Keito asked lazily, he lay his head on his armchair.

"I`m in the same homeroom class with three of them,"Ryutaro boasted.

"HONTO?!" Chinen said, jumping from his seat. "Which ones?"

"Uh.. Ai Ikuta, Reiya Sato and Aki Kaneko--"

"You think you can get Kaneko-san's number for me?"

- - -

The other other side:

"You know SDM right?" Taiga asked curiously.

"Uh.. yeah, what about them?" Yuta and Casey said together.

"Stop copying me, dude," Casey said. Yuta rolled his eyes. "Yeah, I`m in the same homeroom class with four of them."

"Oh? Which ones?"

"Hmm.. Saizawa Kiru, Nakano Kin, Fukushima Akira and Harada Rin,"Casey said.

"Oh. Okay.."

- - -

"ROPPONGI HERE WE C-- wait, where are the others?" Kiru asked. She turned around to find only Kin, Aki, Reiya, and Ai present. Her face fell.

"Uh.. Rin caught fever today remember?" Kin said.

"Ugh. I ran out of energy. What`s the use if we`re not complete.." Kiru said, and turned the other way, going back to the girl's dorm. "Let`s go to our dorm room and see how she`s doing.."

- - -

"RIN-CHAN!" Kiru said cheerfully as she entered the dorm. "How are you doing?"

"A bit fine yeah.."Rin said. Akira giggled uncontrollably. Rin, despite the raging fever withing her, had enough strength to glare at Akira and shut her up.

"Sorry! Guess who came today,"Akira said. Rin rolled up a notebook on her bedside table and used it to whack Akira's head.

"Who?" Aki asked, sitting down on a purple bean bag by the computer table.

"Uekusa Yuta!"

"Wow, that was lu-- wait, anyone seen my phone?"Kiru asked. She fished out an iPod from her messenger bag -- a bottle of perfume, a calculator, a notebook.. but there was no sign of a SoftBank 707SCII phone anywhere.

- - -

"Hey, Tai-chan!" Ryutaro greeted the other fourteen-year-old boy who gaped at the doors of the girls' dormitory. It was well-known that only Nakano Kin was able to go inside. "What`s wrong?"

"Saizawa-san dropped her cellphone,"Taiga gulped.

"Sheesh, you can give it to her tomorrow," Ryutaro groaned as he slung his arm around Taiga's neck. "Oh, she's the Saizawa from SDM, huh?"

Taiga nodded.

"And.. you like her?.. That's why you're nervous."

"BAKA! Anyone who'd have a need to go inside the girls' dorm would, baka!" Taiga said, and stormed off to the boys' dorm, Kiru's red cellphone dangling from its strap.
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