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04 December 2009 @ 12:13 pm
The Wonders of Technology (2/7)  
Title: The Wonders Of Technology
Chapter Title: Laptop
No. of Words: 681 <-- I had to finish my The Concordian duties, yo~
Pairing/s: SDM (as in my rl friends..) x HS7 and other J.E. ..
Genre: Romance, Fluff
Summary: The cellphone. The digicam. The laptop. The Nintendo DS. The PSP. How can these forms of technology bring together 7 normal teenagers and 7 pint-sized superstars? Let`s find out.

"I`m so in trouble!" Kiru wailed as she, Kin and Aki walked around the school grounds at dismissal the next day. "Dad is so gonna kill me! I`m so gonna kill whoever got it!"

Aki and Kin sighed together. Kiru's rant was almost never-ending -- she'd squirm silently in her seat during classes and glare at every person she saw holding a cellphone. In a way, her friends had gotten used to it.

"Hmp. I`m gonna go look for it. Again. You guys go on ahead," she said, imaginary smoke fuming from her nostrils. Aki and Kin both shrugged their shoulders and went to the girls' dormitory. Kin was about the only male student who can confidently walk through the halls of the large dormitory.

- - -

"Go talk to her! Ugh, this really sucks, Chii. I already told her about you okay? Not that she doesn't know about you.. but just go talk to her!" Ryutaro complained. Chinen crouched under the shade of a large cherry tree holding a bouquet of white lilies.

Chinen shook his head. Ryutaro groaned. "Ugh. I`m outta here."

Chinen looked over to Aki from behind the cherry tree. He flinched to see that Aki was with Nakano Kin. He had no idea they were best friends. And with that, he decided to do it.

- - -

Puffed and dripping with sweat, Kiru sat on a chair in the library. With a face towel, she wiped her sweat and stood up to continue looking.

She heard something beep and gasped. Could it be.. a bomb??! She crouched underneath the table, her hands clasped tightly to her ears, and both her eyes tightly shut. The beeping stopped. Slowly, she opened her right eye..

An unsuspecting Taiga Kyomoto was standing against the bookshelves, sighing to himself. Now, Kiru saw something.

"AHA! THAT'S MY PHONE!" she yelled in shock, seeing the rainbow phone strap in Taiga's pocket. It was noticably peaking out, anyway.

Everyone stared at her.

"Sorry..,"she whispered. "Gimme back my phone!" she hissed at Taiga. He only clicked his tongue and stared at her.

"Oh, come here!" he growled and grabbed her arm, dragging her towards the library exit.

- - -

Aki was definitely shocked. She sat on the last step by the first landing on the fire exit and draw little circles on the floor. She sighed.

"Ah~ I knew you were here," Ai and Reiya said, opening the door.

"What happened?" Reiya asked her.

"Hmp. I don't know how to react to Chinen Yuri-san's confession," Aki pouted.

"Then tell him you have to think or something like that. He'll understand," Ai winked. "Now come on and let's go get some ice cream.. my treat!"

- - -

Her laptop was blue and shiny.

Rin was typing her woes in her blog.. the most recent being their failed clubbing to Ropponggi on their 6th month anniversary.

"RIIIIN!" Akira called from outside.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm coming," she said, and closed the laptop, taking it with her. "What is it anyway? Oh, right. The presentation in Music class.."

"Yup, now let's go to the library~"

- - -

"Ow,ow,ow~ Naniiii! Just gimme my phone!" Kiru whined, and struggled from Taiga's grip.

"Ugh. How can you be so dense?" Taiga clicked his tongue.

"Huh? What the heck are you talking about!"


Almost automatically, Taiga covered his mouth with both hands. Kiru stared at him, eyes wide and not believing.

Rin and Akira were standing opposite them, giggling.

"Oops, sorry! We sort-of ruined a moment ne? Jaa~" Rin sing-songed and she and Akira slowly floated away into the depths of the library.

- - -

She searched, everywhere. Every single shelf, and every single table. Even to places it was impossible to be found.

"Where the heck is my laptop??!"Rin growled.

"This is heavy! Your mom will kill you!" Kin said.

"Thanks for reminding me!" Rin said sarcastically, and continued to aimlessly take books off the shelves and put them back again. She scratched her head.

"People keep losing things recently, ne,"Ai wailed.
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